Dog circus show at Resorts World Sentosa cancelled after taking online flak

Reena Devi
Lifestyle Reporter
(PHOTO: Facebook / Chinese New Year Dog Circus)

Following negative feedback from netizens, the Chinese New Year Dog Circus 2018 show scheduled for February 2018 has been cancelled.

Ticketing operator Sistic updated its original post on the show – which was cancelled on Saturday (9 December) – and assured members of the public that the concerns voiced would be taken “very seriously”.

The Chinese New Year Dog Circus 2018 was supposed to be held at Resorts World Sentosa on 16 and 17 February 2018 to welcome the Year of the Dog for the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Information about the China-based show was posted on Sistic’s Facebook page last Friday morning. The event’s webpage for ticket sales, which has since been removed, reportedly said that it was the “first and only Dog Circus from China”. Tickets were priced from $68 to $108 and went on sale at 10am on Friday morning.

Animal advocate Summer Ong later started an online petition to ban the show from taking place in Singapore. The petition received over 7,000 signatures.

Describing the practice of using animals in circuses as “archaic, cruel and unethical”, the petition called for an “end to the inhumane and outdated practice of exploiting animals in the circus”.

Other online feedback included comments that slammed the event as promoting “animal cruelty”. Sistic’s cancellation of the show was also praised by netizens.

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