Chinese fans bid farewell to Choi Si-won following boycott

27 Nov – Despite Choi Si-won's apology, a certain segment of his mainland fans are adamant in boycotting his work and cutting ties with him.

As reported on Kwongwah, his biggest fan club, Choi Si-won Station recently announced on Weibo that they have decided to "close their station".

The admin of the Weibo page wrote, "This Weibo post is truly for the fans who once loved this person deeply, but must leave him now. If there are any unsuitable comments on this post, I will delete them because I want to provide a place for them to bid their farewell properly."

"No one can shake our own position. When it comes to loving our country, there is no concession. We started with little love and now end with big love," the post added.

Fans also left comments on the page, expressing their sadness over the singer's supposed support for the Hong Kong protests, saying that they will always put China first over all else.

The issue sparked earlier this week, when some mainland fans noticed that Choi liked a tweet from Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo linking to an article about a 21-year-old Hong Kong protester getting shot by the police. Fans quickly speculated that the Super

Junior member was expressing support for the Hong Kong independence movement based on that one particular action.

He had since apologised on Weibo, though many were unsatisfied as the singer failed to post said apology on his other social media accounts.

(Photo Source: Choi Si-won Instagram)