Chinese celebs' social media recap: Week 23 - 29 Dec

30 Dec - Here's looking at the interesting things our celebrities were doing last week.

That is one huge gingerbread man Karena Ng is holding. Or should we call that a gingerbread man... cake?


Myolie Wu and hubby Philip Lee have officially turned into those couples who have matching Christmas jumpers for the whole family and it is totes adorbs!


It is not a Shu Qi Christmas without her cats, the Maymays, seen here looking like they are not enjoying anything.


Snow Suen renewed her vows with husband Edwin with a church ceremony, three years after having a civil wedding. And this time, son Riley is there to witness it all.


While everybody else is dreaming of a white Christmas, Linda Chung really got to celebrate one skiing with the whole family.


Like mother, like daughter. Model-actress Elva Ni is one proud daughter after her mother won the 2019 Hot Mama pageant last week.


Christmas is more meaningful this year for Sunny Wang and Dominique Tsai, as they welcome their first child, Katiya Sky.


Nancy Wu got to spend Christmas with her family, her Nonsense Club family, and her Crazy Runners family.


Rainie Yang was being honest when she told her fans that she was having a hangover due to too much Christmas fun.


Jet Li wishes everybody a Merry Christmas in this photo of him with his two girls Jane and Jada.


Poor Elaine Yiu. While others celebrate the holidays with eggnogs and turkey with stuffing and presents all around, she spent it popping flu pills. Get well soon!