Chinese astrology: 2018 spells positive times for those born in year of goat, horse, ox

2018 Chinese astrology predictions by fengshui consultant Joey Yap. Photo: Pixabay

As we usher in the year-end holidays, many of us might have already started on our 2018 plans. Here, we have next year’s Chinese astrology predictions by fengshui consultant Joey Yap.

The 40-year-old has given pointers that might help guide you with your love life, career, health and wealth throughout the year of the dog. Chinese New Year celebrations in 2018 start on 16 February.


Those born in the year of the dog will experience their fair share of personal and professional problems in 2018, with matters from one aspect of your life having the tendency to spill into another. For example, a positive boost in your career could cause a backlash in your personal life. Fret not, you can still overcome obstacles by summoning the same inner strength you got from your career.

You might experience financial losses in 2018 so be sure to focus on saving your money. It’s also unwise to move jobs despite escalating work-related pressures. Hang in there by remaining consistent and determined in your work.

When it comes to relationships, tensions may arise among married individuals while it’s set to be a lonely road for those who are single.

Avoid digestive complications by having a proper balanced diet and exercise. You should also take care of your health by being extra careful on the roads and avoid the use of metallic objects that might contain harmful materials.

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It’s time for you to shine and seize that well-deserved career advancement or business development. You will find yourself becoming increasingly popular through new friendships and business deals. Be sure to schedule some time for yourself to avoid feeling burned out.

Financial obstacles might occur early in the year. After which, bonuses and a surge of wealth could take place.

Be open to assistance from others who might help you conquer minor obstacles. These alliances might enable you to overcome resistances that could undermine your productivity.

It’s a good year to be in love. Individuals who are in long-term relationships should consider marriage while single individuals should start mingling and embarking on a romantic relationship.

Take care of your health by remaining diligent and avoiding extreme activities. Finding yourself in an ill-fated event could lead to physical and psychological problems.

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It’s a great year to develop your skills further as your ability to learn new skills enhances; academicians, scholars or students will especially benefit from this boost.

Be prepared to experience monetary losses due to unlucky financial investments or delayed reimbursements. You can counter this situation through wise spending at the start of the year and avoid investment schemes.

While it’s going to be a rocky road for your career in 2018 due to distractions from negative people around you, stay focused and it will reap benefits at the end. Accept help from generous people whenever you can.

Single individuals will find an easy time finding love this year so start mingling. However, married couples might run into health-related problems so be sure to encourage your partners to exercise and consume balanced meals.

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Female-dominated industries will see great prosperity in 2018 so if you’re working in one, consider yourself lucky. It will also be a great year to improve on your finances (with a possible surprise pay rise), so consider opportunities whenever you can. However, avoid tainting your good luck by indulging in too much wealth.

While you can expect very little fluctuations at work, be mindful of possible tensions between you and your colleagues. Stay composed and diligent and you’ll earn the respect of your peers.

Individuals in long-term relationships should consider marriage while singles will experience a dull period this year.

When it comes to health, you might need to take up a new sport to avoid serious health issues.

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Malicious lies and rumours about you might spread and cause misunderstandings with the people who are important to you.

Keep working hard and keep your eyes on the pay-off. Avoid getting entangled in a financial chaos by staying clear of large investments and loans. Be prepared to face a string of negative circumstances this year and don’t let your emotional turmoil consume you.

While financial losses might occur due to poorly managed budgets and investment returns, you might receive help from someone. Consider donating to a charity to pay it forward.

Additionally, reduce workplace hostility between you and your colleagues by working on your communication skills.

Married individuals should continue to strengthen the bond with their partners while single individuals should continue to get to know people even though the chances of a romantic relationship is small.

Attention to health is crucial this year as you might suffer from sudden attacks on your health. Be sure to maintain a good hygiene and consume all the proper vitamins and minerals.

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You will come across several opportunities for growth this year and will be surrounded by an abundance of love and support from kind and generous people. You’ll find yourself forging new friendships, some of which might lead to lucrative business deals.

But don’t forget your family and loved ones – especially the elderly – who might experience minor health risks this year. Spend more quality time with them and skip the temptation to engage in flings.

You might run into legal, personal or professional disputes due to financial losses. At the same time, keep a look out for opportunities to increase overall wealth.

There will be ample opportunities to showcase your abilities at the workplace as you build greater rapport with your superiors so long as you remain mindful of work ethics and avoid being overworked.

Amid a busy career life, don’t forget to watch your diet and continue to exercise to avoid illnesses and injuries, which is highly possible this year.

Those who are attached may face disagreements with their partners, but don’t worry as there will be plenty of peace-making opportunities. Newly-attached individuals might want to try their best at being tolerant or risk splitting up earlier than expected.

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You will find yourself transforming challenges into opportunities this year. And while setbacks are inevitable, the outcome depends on how well you play your cards. If you’re planning on expanding your business or considering large-scale projects, make sure you think about it thoroughly to avoid stress later.

Come up with a concrete financial plan to minimise losses, build up on your savings and avoid risky activities such as gambling.

Find ways to stay motivated with your job. You will experience major fatigue due to work pressure and a harsh superiors. But instead of looking for another job, focus on your strengths in order to help you overcome obstacles.

It’s not a good year to get married, so individuals who are attached should maintain their existing relationship while single individuals should focus on improving on aspects other than their love life.

For married individuals, remember to be more considerate as a simple misunderstanding could lead to a heated argument.

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Avoid offending people too much for fear of legal troubles from unexpected hiccups in your plans and arguments. Don’t get into too much trouble by carefully interacting with people with a clear and calm mind. On the bright side, you can expect a lot of good news and look out for many happy occasions this year.

Your financial health is uncertain but there will be several individuals who can help you recuperate your losses.

When it comes to your career, it’s time for a reshuffle by changing positions or even companies. Start making grander plans for the year once your career has stabilised.

It’s good a year for love, so single individuals should feel optimistic about a romantic relationship. Unmarried couples should plan on their wedding while married couples should refrain from acting on the feelings of those outside of the relationship to avoid extra-marital affairs.

Elderly people born in the year of the snake might find themselves visiting the hospital more frequently this year. Be sure to visit the doctor immediately if you’re experiencing stomach or intestinal problems.

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While you might feel dragged down by the rapid changes around you, there will be ample support from people, who will give you strength and assistance.

There’s a good chance that you’ll run into opportunities for greater wealth. Look to your most trusted friends for reliable tips on how to go about with this. Avoid making impulsive decisions as they might lead to financial losses.

It’s time to learn new problem-solving skills to help you navigate through conflicts as accidents and communication difficulties may arise. You might want to attend more social events so you can practise open communication.

For individuals in a long-term relationship, it’s a good year to focus on strengthening bonds and companionship. Single individuals should start professing your love to a significant other if you haven’t had the chance to do so in the previous year.

Look after your health by being extra vigilant on the road. There’s a high risk of road accidents for those born in the year of the horse this year, so be sure to follow traffic rules. Avoid metallic objects that will cause serious harm and maintain a healthy diet and an exercise regime to keep your body well.

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It’s going to be a good year for you. While trials and tribulations may continue to happen, they won’t be enough to dampen your spirits. You will have ample opportunities to showcase your talents in the lead up to a potential bonus or positive pay-off. While work will take up much of your time this year, spare some of it to look for other opportunities that will help you improve on your financial standing,

Avoid letting yourself get affected by malicious lies and relationship conflicts. While family disputes may arise this year, always remember that they will still help you when you need them the most.

Ladies will experience weaker prospects in love as compared to men this year. Unmarried couples should start working on their wedding plans while married couples should be careful of hurting each others’ feelings and avoid acting on people outside of the relationship.

Get out of the house more this year and take up a new sport. Your body will thank you.

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The year of the dog is set to be a rocky one for you. Maintain a right mindset through these difficult times and accept a job-related travelling stint when you have the chance as it will help you advance your career.

Refrain from attending funerals as much as possible to avoid letting the negative energies impact on your well-being.

There might be big financial losses due to unrestricted spending, so start practising some self-control from the start of 2018 to help you off-set some of the potential losses. Always plan your budget and avoid risky financial activities such as gambling.

You will experience a string of obstacles in your career and the only ways to tackle them is through diligence and great interactions.

For single individuals looking for love, 2018 is set to have a negative outlook on this unless you adjust your expectations to avoid disappointments.

Meanwhile for attached individuals, expect greater teamwork between you and your partner when overcoming issues – such as health – together.

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Since 2017 has been such an eventful year for you, it’s time to take a breather and focus on improving your lifestyle and well-being in 2018.

Try your best to achieve work-life balance to avoid experiencing anxiety due to your career and getting worked up over petty issues.

You might feel lonely or abandoned this year, but don’t let that pull you down. Instead, go out and mingle with people close to you to get a positive reality check.

Hold off planning of new projects in 2018 and focus on settling your existing tasks. Welcome job-related travel opportunities to help you learn new lessons and produce better work results.

On the bright side, individuals who are married may experience several joyous occasions this year, possibly welcoming a new child!

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