China wants to reduce variety shows following 2019-NCoV outbreak

30 Jan – With the Wuhan Coronavirus continues to expand throughout China, the National Radio and Television Administration recently called for television stations to reduce the number of its variety and entertainment programmes.

Mingpao reported that according to Xinhua News Agency, the NRTA hopes to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control through this latest measure, with several stations already expressing compliance.

It is also calling for stations to release more reports regarding the prevention measures.

Hunan TV and Zhejiang Television have already cancelled their variety shows, which were originally scheduled to be broadcast during the Spring Festival, including the highly watched "Happy Camp", "Trump Card", and "The Way To Your Heart".

However, several netizens are reacting differently towards the new policy, including director Gordon Chan, who said, "It's right to report more on the subject, but it is necessary to reduce variety shows."

(Photo Source: China Daily)