China to have its own "Triumph in the Skies"?

17 Jul - It was revealed that Media Asia is producing a new series about aviation for mainland viewers, inspired by the success of TVB's "Triumph in the Skies".

As reported on HK01, the drama, "Flying Ambitions" (translated title), will revolve around a team of young pilot cadets with big ambitions as they pursue their dreams of soaring the skies.

The 40-episode series reportedly will be developed by producer Tommy Leung, who produced the Francis Ng-starrer, as well as "Triumph" screenwriter, Au Koon Ying.

It was also reported that "The Great Wall" actor Zheng Kai will play the serious male lead (similar to Francis's Captain Samuel Tong in the TVB drama), and "Swordsman" star, Joe Chen, will play a flight attendant who is inspired to become a pilot herself (similar to Fala Chen's Holly Ho in the 2014 sequel of the "Triumph" franchise).

The new drama will be filming in various locations including Spain, France, and Macau this August.