A Children’s Book Counteracting the Critical Race Theory Movement and Educating the Young About Racism Was Recently Released

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Authors Michelle Ranjo-Bishop, Summer Bishop, and Patrick Bishop recently released A Class Divided: A Story About Racism, their compelling children’s book with an impactful message that counteracts the critical race theory movement. The authors were inspired by real-life hero Jane Elliot, the third-grade teacher who conducted an iconic experiment with her students the day after the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968.

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A Class Divided follows the story of Freddy the Fox as he enrolls in a new school and enters Ms. Owl’s class. At first, the other students discriminate against Freddy the Fox because he’s different from the rest of them. But over time, they begin to recognize the importance of celebrating differences and showing empathy for each other. The story explores the concept of racism in a unique and entertaining way that children will enjoy.

Although intended for elementary-age children, A Class Divided can appeal to a broad audience. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can use this instructive book as a gateway to discuss issues of bullying and racism in a safe, relatable context.

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The authors hope that their work will cultivate empathy and understanding. In a time of great racial tension, persistent systemic racism against marginalized communities and support for the critical race theory movement, A Class Divided is an especially powerful contribution to children’s literature that actually encourages empathy and critical thinking.

Early reviewers recommend A Class Divided as an important and necessary read. With an accessible writing style and adorable illustrations, this first installment in a planned series is a commendable beginning.

A Class Divided: A Story About Racism is available on LittleSami.com or Amazon. Sequels are currently in development.

Pat Bishop is the author of several business books, horror novels, and movie scripts. His wife, Michelle Ranjo-Bishop, writes romance. Their daughter Summer, a second grader, contributed thoughts and ideas to the family’s children’s debut, A Class Divided: A Story About Racism.

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