Childe of the Fatui Harbingers returns! Should you wish for Tartaglia?

(Image: miHoYo)
(Image: miHoYo)

There's a new character in Genshin Impact, but she's not the star of the Farewell of Snezhnaya event.

Instead, the 5* character you'll be able to get in the event is none other than the Harbinger Childe of the Fatui, Tartaglia, a Hydro bow user whose Elemental Skill transforms him into a dual-wielding melee character.

With primogems hard to earn unless you're buying them directly, is this banner worth your spending? Here are some things to consider when debating whether or not you should wish for Tartaglia/Childe (as many still prefer to call him) on this banner.

1. You need a Hydro damage dealer

Tartaglia works best as a burst damage dealer, but with some rotation. This can work in several ways, but you generally want to mark your enemies with Riptide before you start attacking them. Riptide-d enemies take AoE Hydro damage, as well as additional damage effects on your skill and burst.

Using his charged bow attacks, mark your opponents with Riptide. Switch him out, activate your damage boosting/support skills, rotate him back in, trigger his Foul Legacy: Raging Tide Elemental Skill, start going all Devil May Cry on your foes.

If your Elemental Burst, Havoc Obliteration is ready, and your enemies still marked with Riptide, you can trigger it for more damage in melee stance. Alternatively, you can initiate in range stance with your burst, as that will mark all enemies caught in it with Riptide.

This gives you flexibility in how you play with Tartaglia, whether or not you want to use him to initiate, but an important fact to consider is the long cooldown on his burst, which can be shorter or longer depending on how long you were in melee stance. This is offset quite a bit with his Constellation 1, which decreases the cooldown of Foul Legacy: Raging Tide by 20%.

There are other Hydro characters you can use as your main DPS (go look up DPS Barbara), but Tartaglia both does it really well and with flair, for those who enjoy that type of gameplay.

One last point to make about Tartaglia's abilities is his passive talent, which increases the Normal Attack Level by 1.

While this may seem trivial at lower levels, as the difference between Level 1 and 2 is minimal, it can be quite the game changer when your Normal Attack is above 7 and getting incremental increases takes both a lot of Mora and specific boss drops.

2. You have a Skyward Harp or R5 Rust

If you got lucky in the gacha and have either a Skyward Harp or a refinement rank 5 Rust, and no one to use it, Tartaglia is definitely a good choice. Especially if you're a free-to-play player, it's important to make the most use of your resources and try to aim for characters to match your weapons.

Given the way the weapon banner works, without a 100% guarantee on getting the weapons on the banner, it is statistically easier to get a weapon and then find a 5* character to go with it. Sure, lots of other bow users can use these weapons, but either is pretty much best-in-slot for Tartaglia, with Skyward Harp giving him Crit Rate and Rust giving a massive 80% boost to his normal attacks after skill activation.

Reversely, if you happen to pull Tartaglia but don't have either of these weapons, the recent event bow, Windblume Ode, is a decent F2P option. If you completed the event objectives and cleared out the store, it should be at R5, and it also has the 1.5x event enhancement bonus. Elemental Mastery may not be the hottest stat on Tartaglia, but seeing as to how his attacks in melee stance pair well with Elemental reactions (Throw on Oz, switch to him and enter melee stance, for example), you could still have a nice chunk of damage.

3. You want more Constellations

Tartaglia is a decent damage dealer at Constellation 0, but his Constellations can significantly change the way you play with him. As mentioned above, his C1 lowers the cooldown on his Elemental Skill, which is huge when you compare it to Venti's C1, which gave him extra arrows that no one really cares about.

His C2 allows him to regenerate energy for his burst after defeating opponents affected by Riptide, his C4 triggers additional damage on opponents affected by Riptide, and his C6 pretty much gives him a reset on his Skill whenever he uses his Burst in melee stance.

For the most part, Tartaglia is one of the few 5* characters whose every Constellation makes them stronger, unlike some of the others whose Constellations give conditional benefits or require specific setups to take advantage of.

4. You like Tartaglia's character design and gameplay

Let's be honest, some of us just find Tartaglia's design cool. His outfit is cool. His melee stance weapon attacks are cool. His *spoiler* form is cool.

Compared to someone like Diluc, Tartaglia's playstyle can be immensely fun. With content in Genshin Impact still trickling in slowly, there's very little for experienced players to do beyond events.

Playing a character like Tartaglia (or the recent Hutao/Walnut) can make mundane Daily Commissions feel a bit less draggy, while experimenting with new combos or teams for bosses is likely to keep you entertained during the wait in between patch updates.

5. You want the 4* characters

As always, the 4* characters should be a consideration when wishing on a banner (especially for low-spending and F2P players), and this one's line-up is quite strong... if you don't already have them at the Constellation level you want.

Barbara is a free character you can get, but at C6 she's a great insurance policy when you're up against enemies that can one-shot you if you mess up or miss a rotation. She's also a good way to spread the Wet status on enemies, and her heal isn't too shabby.

But remember, her heal also applies the Wet status on yourself, which can make it annoying when fighting enemies that can also apply other statuses. It's an especially big liability when facing Cryo enemies, because you can literally get Frozen every few seconds.

Fischl is an amazing support damage dealer, especially with a Hydro spreader like Barbara or Tartaglia. Summon Oz and switch to one of these characters, and watch the Electro-Charged spread throughout your enemies. If you're missing out on Fischl Constellations, getting her to C6 can make her one of the mainstays on your team.

Rosaria is new, but she's already highly-valued by players in the community, especially those who do not have a Cryo damage dealer like Gan Yu. Her Crit Rate and skillset are both quite decent, and she can make use of the F2P Dragonspine Spear, which makes her an option for F2P players looking for a Cryo user.

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