Chiang Mai to Miami: The world's most scenic cities for cycling, according to Instagram data

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A Buddhist temple, accessible by bike, near Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Chiang Mai in Thailand tops the list of cities with the most cycling-related photos on Instagram, in relation to its surface area. It is joined on the podium by Miami in second and Paris in third, in this rundown of the most scenic cities for cycling, according to the social network's users and their posts.

Located in a mountainous area in northern Thailand, the picturesque city of Chiang Mai takes the top spot in this ranking of the world's top cities for a scenic cycle ride, as drawn up by MoneyBeach . The insurance search engine analyzed over 350,000 city-specific cycling hashtags on Instagram to find out which location had the most snaps shared under them. With a little over 6,400 hashtags on Instagram, Chiang Mai counts much fewer images shared under its biking hashtags than Miami, Paris or London. However, when scaled in relation to its surface area, the city comes top in the ranking. Chiang Mai is one of the most culturally significant parts of Thailand, also offering breathtaking landscapes that are great for discovering by bike.

Top 10 most picturesque cities for cycling on Instagram

1 Chiang Mai (Thailand)
2 Miami (USA)
3 Paris (France)
4 Beirut (Lebanon)
5 Bristol (UK)
6 Cambridge (UK)
7 Barcelona (Spain)
8 London (UK)
9 Dublin (Ireland)
10. Athens (Greece)

To get these results, compiled a list of 120+ popular tourist cities from around the world and used Instagram data to find how many images had been uploaded to the platform, in relation to cycling in the specific city. This was achieved by detailing the number of times hashtags including #[City]ByBike, #[City]Cycling and #Cycle[City] had been used. This was then divided by city size (km²) to reveal the ratio of images taken vs. the scale of the city. The city with the most images taken per km² was then crowned the most picturesque. All data correct as of May 2021.

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