Cher’s favourite part of iconic Oscars outfit was the shawl

Cher at the 1987 Oscars

Cher loved how her shawl gave added drama to the iconic outfit she wore to the 1987 Oscars.

In a new video for’s Life in Looks series, the superstar has broken down 22 of her most famous looks and costumes, with the ensembles extending from the early 1960s until the present.

Perhaps one of Cher’s most memorable garments is the black sequin number by Bob Mackie she selected to attend the glitzy event, where she collected the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance as Loretta Castorini in Moonstruck.

“I didn’t really have a speech because I could never imagine (winning). First of all, it was a comedy and it’s hard to win for a comedy. Second, I just thought I’m never going to get this. Why would I?’” she recalled. “I just thought this would be a beautiful dress. And my favourite thing about it was the shawl. I lost one of my earrings walking up the stairs and said, ‘Oh s**t’ and I think you can read it in my lips (in a clip) ... and my shoes were so killing me, that I had to take them off. I was standing next to Michael Douglas, standing on my tip toes!”

Another one of Cher’s most striking outfits has to be the black beaded crop top and skirt, also by Mackie, which she donned when serving as a presenter at the Oscars in 1986.

“This was one of my favourite, favourite outfits. I came to Bob with an idea. I said, ‘I want to have a mohawk, and I want to do something that is not actually Indian, but I want it to be so over-the-top that it’s next week.’ He came back with this. The beautiful shawl was cashmere. I loved the whole thing,” the 73-year-old recalled. “I had the idea mostly because the Academy didn’t really like me. They hated the way I dressed, and I had young boyfriends and they thought I wasn’t serious. So, I came out and said, ‘As you can see, I got my handbook on how to dress like a serious actress.’”

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