Chen Hanwei meets Hong Kong actress Law Lan while on holiday with Desmond Tan

Channel 8 actor Chen Hanwei (right) bumped into Hong Kong actress Law Lan (left) while on holiday in the city. (PHOTO: Chen Hanwei/Instagram)

Channel 8 actor Chen Hanwei is on holiday in Hong Kong with his buddy and colleague Desmond Tan – and they bumped into veteran Hong Kong actress Law Lan on their first day there.

The two Singapore actors met Law and her friend, Hong Kong-based TV producer Robert Chua, at Juxing Home restaurant in Kowloon, a favourite haunt of Michelin-starred chefs. Chen took the chance to take pictures together with them, which he posted on social media.

Writing in Chinese, Chen said in his post on Wednesday (30 May), “I bumped into Law Lan and Robert Chua on my first day (in Hong Kong)! I grew up watching Law Lan’s shows. Both of them were so warm and friendly.”

The 83-year-old Law, also known as Helena Law, has been in the entertainment business since the 1950s and received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards in 2002. She is known for playing “scary old woman” characters in Hong Kong movies and dramas.

Chen also posted pictures of his meal at famed Hong Kong cafe Tsui Wah, remarking that he wished the eatery would open in Singapore.

It seems that he missed the news that Tsui Wah is opening an outlet in Clarke Quay in June this year. The restaurant chain is well-known for its milk tea, crispy bun with condensed milk and baked pork chop rice.

Chen’s bro-vacation in Hong Kong comes on the heels of his trip to Okinawa with his pal, actress Zoe Tay, where they snorkelled and enjoyed the local cuisine.

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