Chef's fuss-free viral kids' snack - plus 9 other options

A chef is being praised for his fuss-free yet healthy snacks for kids’ functions [Photo: Getty]
A chef is being praised for his fuss-free yet healthy snacks for kids’ functions [Photo: Getty]

A chef’s simple recipe for quick on-the-go snacks for children is proving to be a huge hit with parents.

In response to an article shared by satirical site The Onion, celebrity chef Adam Liaw came up with a school-approved snack that parents can conjure up when they need to provide celebratory food for their kids seemingly endless functions.

The chef outlined the ingredients parents would need for the chocolate covered breadsticks along with a quick recipe that parents can easily follow.

For anyone looking to make the choco dipped snacks, you’ll basically need breadsticks, dark chocolate and cake/ice-cream topping-style sprinkles.

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“Just microwave the chocolate for 1 minute, then blasts of 30 seconds until it’s melted. Probably 3-4 minutes all up,” he writes.

“Put the chocolate into a glass and the just dunk the bloody things in there.”

And parents were quick to show their appreciation to the chef for making their lives that bit simpler.

The snack hack comes as experts have revealed concern about how healthy children’s snacks are.

Last year Public Health England (PHE) revealed that on average children are consuming at least three unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks a day, with around a third consuming four or more.

That means the average child can easily consume three times more sugar than recommended with the PHE warning that half of children’s sugar intake – around seven sugar cubes a day – comes from unhealthy snacks and drinks.

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Following the revelation the Government issued a warning to parents to limit children to two snacks of no more than 100 calories per day.

But what does a healthy snack look like?

Snacks containing no more than 100 calories

  • Soreen malt lunchbox loaves (apple, banana or original malt)

  • Petits Filous fromage frais (strawberry and raspberry, strawberry, strawberry and apricot, strawberry and banana)

  • Fruit Shoot hydro water in apple and blackcurrant flavour

  • Fresh or tinned fruit salad

  • Chopped vegetables and lower fat hummus

  • Plain rice cakes or crackers with lower fat cheese

  • Sugar-free jelly

  • One crumpet

  • One scotch pancake

Source: Public Health England via BBC

PHE’s Top tips for snack time

  1. Keep it in easy reach– have a fruit bowl in the house so fruity snacks are nearby when your kids are peckish.

  2. Fill the fridge– have ready-to-eat fruit and veg, like carrot, cucumber, celery and peppers, pre-prepared for an easy snack kids can eat with their fingers.

  3. Pack a snack– save money, and time, when you’re out and about by taking bananas, apples or chopped up vegetables with you.

  4. Get the kids involved– try making snack time exciting and more hands-on. Get your child involved by getting them to chop up the fruit and vegetables they’re going to eat, they’ll love chopping it up themselves!