Cheapest holiday destinations for 2020 revealed

Tokyo is the cheapest long-haul destination. [Photo: Getty]
Tokyo is the cheapest long-haul destination. [Photo: Getty]

After last year’s Rugby World Cup and this year’s Olympics, Tokyo has been in the spotlight for keen travellers across the world.

According to Post Office Travel Money, now might be the best time to book a ticket, too.

It rounded up the top 20 cheapest places to go for your 2020 getaway and Tokyo was the first long-haul destination on the list, coming in third.

The Holiday Money Report put Sunny Beach in Bulgaria in first place followed by Marmaris, Turkey in second.

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Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, is the best value destination. [Photo: Getty]
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, is the best value destination. [Photo: Getty]

To determine the cheapest destinations, the Post Office looked at the cost of eight things that tourists regularly buy when they’re abroad.

This included: a three-course evening meal with a bottle of wine, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, can of Coca-Cola, large bottle of water, cup of coffee, suncream and insect repellent.

33 out of the 42 destinations it analysed have seen a price decrease of around 10%.

According to the Post Office, this drop is as a result of the strengthening pound, which directly cut the cost of holiday essentials in 19 places it analysed.

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Top 20 cheapest destinations:

1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria - £30.68 for holiday essentials

2. Marmaris, Turkey - £44.15

3. Tokyo, Japan - £48.21

4. Algarve, Portugal - £49.87

5. Costa del Sol, Spain - £53.16

6. Cape Town, South Africa - £59.39

7. Hoi An, Vietnam - £59.49

8. Bali, Indonesia - £61.43

9. Prague, Czech Republic - £63.02

10. Paphos, Cyprus - £63.22

11. Sliema, Malta - £66.72

12. Mombasa, Kenya - £66.95

13. Colombo, Sri Lanka - £68.39

14. St John, Antigua - £70.51

15. Orlando, USA - £75.25

16. Corfu, Greece - £75.91

17. Budapest, Hungary - £78.49

18. Porec, Croatia - £79.43

19. Cancun, Mexico - £83.69

20. Nice, France - £89.31

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“With the price falls we found in destinations worldwide, holidaymakers will have plenty of choice in the coming year – provided sterling holds its value.” Post Office Travel Money Head of Travel Nick Boden said.

“In Europe the best deals are likely to be in Bulgaria, Turkey and Portugal, while further afield Japan, Vietnam and Bali are looking good bets for the bargain-hunter. The clear message is that holidaymakers should do their homework on resort prices before booking to be sure of the best deal.”

Vietnam and Bali are both popular honeymoon destinations, making them prime locations for newlyweds looking to go further afield on a budget.

Similarly, European destinations like Portugal and Spain have made the top five list, providing British people with a much-needed bit sun come spring time.

At the other end of the spectrum, The Mahe in the Seychelles (£165.10), Abu Dhabi in the UAE (£152.11) and Tamarindo in Costa Rica (£137.62) came out as the most expensive places to travel to.

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