This Is the Cheapest Day of the Week to Travel This Summer

Skyscanner data shows that travelers can save the most on this day while traveling during July and August.

<p>Wanlee Prachyapanaprai/Getty Images</p>

Wanlee Prachyapanaprai/Getty Images

The cheapest day to travel is Sunday — when vacationers can score significant savings on tickets, according to recent data.

Travelers who choose to fly on Sundays can save up to 5 percent off the cost of their tickets in July and August, according to data from Skyscanner shared with Travel + Leisure. And since Sunday is less popular for travelers in general, it will likely translate to less crowded airports and a smoother experience overall.

“Our research shows that Americans are willing to make sacrifices… in order to save for their summer vacations, but are less likely to shop around in the way they would when doing their weekly shop or clothes,” Skyscanner's travel trends and destination expert Laura Lindsay said in a statement shared with T+L. “There’s so much money to be saved if consumers compare their travel options, so we’re building the tools for travelers to do this quickly and easily.”

The timing of when travelers choose to go on vacation can also add up to big savings. Travelers who plan their trip during the last week of school summer holidays can save an average of 31 percent compared to those who travel during the first week of that holiday break, according to the report.

Additionally, travelers who are flexible on where they go can snag some great deals. When searching on Skyscanner, for example, vacationers can choose to search “everywhere” instead of a specific destination to find the best deals (even to popular destinations like Orlando and Nashville).

Of Americans surveyed, Skyscanner found 61 percent are planning to take a vacation this summer, but 30 percent have yet to book that trip.

The report comes as international travel has taken off at record levels this summer. In fact, Delta Air Lines reported last month its international flights were already 75 percent booked for the summer, and United Airlines has told T+L the carrier expects to see its busiest Memorial Day holiday period in more than a decade — with international travel up 16 percent compared to last year.

Overall, international flights are costing nearly 40 percent more compared to last summer and airfare to Europe and Asia specifically is expected to cost as much as it has in five years.

The Transportation Security Administration has said it expects Friday, May 26, to be the busiest day of the Memorial Day holiday weekend and forecasts it will screen about 2.6 million passengers that day.

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