Charmaine Sheh, Ada Choi support one China

16 Aug – Following Miriam Yeung, two more Hong Kong celebrities have turned to social media to express their support for one China.

As reported on Mingpao, actress Charmaine Sheh recently took to social media and forwarded a post that stated, "Hong Kong is part of China forever".

She wrote, "Hong Kong is always part of China. I love my motherland China, I love my hometown Hong Kong. I love peace and hope that our society will restore peace and stability."

While fans expressed their support for the actress, some are claiming that the actress is just bowing to China in order not to lose her current star status on the mainland.

Another Hong Kong actress, Ada Choi, who is married to Chinese star Max Zhang, expressed similar notion, writing online, "I love China, I love Hong Kong."

Beauty queen Monica Chan also took to social media, posting, "I love China, I love Hong Kong. I want Hong Kong to be safe."

(Photo Source: Charmaine Sheh Instagram)