Charlize Theron Is a Golden Goddess in New Fragrance Campaign -- Watch the Video

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Charlize Theron Is a Golden Goddess in New Fragrance Campaign -- Watch the Video

The actress stars in a new commercial for Dior's iconic J'Adore perfume that celebrates diversity and women.

Charlize Theron is back as Dior's reigning glamour queen. 

The A-list actress stars in the French house's new J'Adore Absolu fragrance campaign, directed by Romain Gavras and set to the soundtrack of Kanye West's 2007 hit, "Flashing Lights." 

Inspired by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres' painting, "The Turkish Bath," the short film is a dramatic, dreamy visual of Theron in a modern, opulent bathhouse surrounded by a diverse group of women. 

"I think the diversity in the Dior campaign represents what is real in the world today," Theron told Harper's Bazaar UK. "As I’ve got older I’ve come to understand that beauty is not what I saw when I was 15 years old in adverts. It is not just this one face, this one look, this one skin color. It's way more diverse and interesting than that.

The commercial concludes with the blonde beauty sensually making her way out of the pool and marches with her head held high as she leads her crew of ladies, dressed in glittery golden gowns by Dior, of course. 

YouTube/Christian Dior

Theron has been the face of the cult perfume since 2004. Watch the full commercial here: 

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