Charlize Theron faced financial headache as cash for Bombshell fell through

Charlize Theron faced financial headache as cash for Bombshell fell through

Charlize Theron had a financial nightmare while trying to make new drama Bombshell, because funding for the project fell through two weeks before filming began.

The Oscar winner co-produced and stars in the new Jay Roach movie - as real-life U.S. newswoman Megyn Kelly - and she admits it was a real labour of love, filled with headaches and drama behind the scenes.

"Two weeks before shooting we had to basically find our financing all over again," she explains. "When you go to a story like this you just have to put your flight jacket on and lean into it and I think for some people this kind of stuff scares them. They might think, in the beginning, they're ready to tell a certain story and then they realise there are other things that come into play.

"I've never experienced anything like it in my entire life and we had put an incredible cast together. It was really scheduled out to the hour... That was the hardest part, but I don't think there was anybody on this movie, including the film crew, that didn't say, 'We're not going anywhere'. That was incredible to have that as a producer and they really meant it and were so supportive in wanting to figure it out with us.

"Our financier really stepped up within a day," she continues, "and Lionsgate (movie studio executives) were great, but I don't want to go through that again! I think I aged about five years on that day. We'll never know truly what that (problem) was, but I do think ultimately, everything happens for a reason. When you make a movie, it's the ultimate experience of letting the universe take over sometimes. Jesus, take the wheel!"

The new film chronicles the women of Fox News' attempt to bring late network boss Roger Ailes to justice for his inappropriate behaviour and sexual misconduct.

Ailes died in 2017, aged 77.

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