Charlie Heaton blames Fox and Disney merger for new X-Men movie delay

Charlie Heaton

Charlie Heaton has confirmed the long-awaited X-Men movie, The New Mutants, will finally be released next year.

The movie, which was filmed in 2017 and stars Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, was originally scheduled to open in April 2018, before its opening was pushed back to February this year.

Fans were excited to see the trailer for the hotly-anticipated spinoff, which introduced a group of fresh young super-powered mutants to carry the franchise forward.

After several further delays, the flick has yet to be released, and speaking at the For the Love of Sci-Fi convention in Manchester, England, the 25-year-old attributed the delay to the Fox and Disney merger.

"It's coming out next year, but we filmed it almost two years ago," he explained in footage posted on social media. "It's the release (date) that's been moved quite a while... We shot this a while back and it's been pushed because Fox has now merged with Disney."

The Stranger Things star went on to tease the plot of the new flick, revealing: "If you don't know, The New Mutants is like an X-Men spin-off. It was a comic book; Bill Sienkiewicz did it and it was an X-Men comic. It's basically like a separate bunch of mutants."

The New Mutants, also starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt, and Alice Braga, is currently slated for a 3 April release.

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