Charlie Dizon gets tips from Toni Gonzaga

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

3 Dec – Charlie Dizon recently revealed that she has spoken to Toni Gonzaga prior to filming the new movie, "Four Sisters before the Wedding" - the prequel to the hit 2013 Cathy Garcia-Molina movie, "Four Sisters and a Wedding".

As reported on Push, the actress, who plays the older Salazar sibling Teddie (previously portrayed by Gonzaga), stated that she was lucky to be able to speak to the latter, who gave her a few tips on playing the role.

"The things I needed to remember were the nuances of Teddie. She said, "You have to always remember that Teddie doesn't like awkward situations". She just wants everything to be happy, no negativity. So that's the essence of Teddie... that is what we will see in [the movie]," she said.

Dizon stated that aside from speaking to Gonzaga, the team also took some time to analyse the script and understand their roles - breaking down each character to understand their dynamics with one another.

"It really helped that we did one-on-one with director Mae [Cruz-Alviar] because we seemed to get to know each other better, so it was easier for us to be open with one another," she said.

Asked if she felt the pressure to do well seeing that the audiences are already used to the cast of the original, she stated that it is natural for people to have expectations.

"I just really enjoyed the moment with the cast and the whole production, because that's really what we felt while we were shooting. The energy of the cast was very positive that I couldn't think much of the pressure. Of course there is still pressure, but I am more excited," she said.

(Photo Source: Charlie Dizon Instagram)