Charli XCX wears two album covers as a bra and cherry red knickers

Charli XCX wears two album covers as a bra and cherry red knickers

Good morning to Charli XCX, and Charli XCX only today. Why the favouritism, you ask? Umm, because the British singer-songwriter just dropped her cover and loadsss of accompanying pics from her photoshoot for The Face magazine, that's why. And the theme? Fashion's favourite trend that refuses to die, naked dressing, ofc.

Modelling a series of daring looks that see Charli pose braless, in her knickers, or a combination of both, the publication's claim she is "pop music's fearless trailblazer" could easily be applied to her fashion sense, too. Repping see-through dresses, the no trousers trend, cut-outs *and* boudoir chic, Charli has somehow supercharged the trend while at the same time imbuing it with a laid-back, effortless feel.

But don't just take our word for it. Read on to see each shot in all its glory, starting with her album covers instead of a bra 'fit. Swipe to the third slide to see:

Wearing an unzipped Rose Murdoch red hoody with matching Miu Miu knickers, Charli is topless beneath the jacket. Rather than a free the nip moment, however, she holds two album covers over her chest as she glowers at the camera. It's giving Sporty Spice '90s vibes and is pretty iconic if you ask us.

Keep scrolling and other shots show Charli wearing a striped button-down shirt with a lizard perched on her chest (yes, a real lizard), a grey t-shirt and black knickers as she plays Scalextric and a very sheer blue knit mini dress over a teeny tiny red thong, styled with yellow knee-high socks. Because why the heck not?!

Her fans flooded the comments section with love, but we think Diplo's comment of "Damn" probably says it best.

The Face shared further pics on its own Instagram account, including the above Guess denim waistcoat (which Charli was again braless beneath) with matching teeny tiny hotpants.

Yep, consider us obsessed.

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