Charles Chan plans to resign as TVB Chairman?

17 Dec – Rumour has it that TVB Chairman Charles Chan is planning to depart from the broadcasting company in January 2020.

As reported on HK01, Chan, who succeeded Norman Leung in 2014 after buying a major stake in TVB's parent company Shaw Brothers, reportedly has been planning to sell his shares and resigns from his post for a long time now, which was further fuelled by his near-death experience in Norway earlier.

It was also alleged that Chan was struggling to maintain the order of his board of directors, who have differing opinion in regard to the direction of the company, aside from facing the tough challenge of resolving the issues of TVB's downward spiral and lacklustre ratings.

Sources claimed that Chan, as well as Taiwanese investor Cher Wang, are also planning to sell their shares of the company, and that Chinese businessman Li Ruigang - also a major shareholder in the company - will be succeeding him as the new chairman.

TVB Chief Executive Mark Lee has not denied the rumours, saying that the company will make an official announcement if there are any changes to its top management.

(Photo Source: hk01)