Chapter 1: a subject to send you to sleep

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<span>Photograph: Dragos Condrea/Alamy</span>
Photograph: Dragos Condrea/Alamy

Nigel Farage should really be given a knighthood for his fundraising efforts (Donations to RNLI rise 3,000% after Farage’s migrant criticism, 29 July), but unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to accept it because he has said he would never take the knee.
Tom Barnard
Little Dunkeld, Perthshire

• I found a surefire strategy to go to sleep (My deep sleep quest: I tried 11 popular insomnia cures. Do any of them actually work?, 26 July) when I attempted to read Teach Yourself Bookkeeping many years ago, a skill I needed in my new job. I never got beyond the second page before falling asleep.
James Churchill
Baslow, Derbyshire

• Years ago, I worked for ICI Pharmaceuticals. One day I was tickled to receive a letter addressed to me at ICI “Farmer Suiticles” (Letters, 29 July). I’ve often wondered what my correspondent thought we might manufacture.
David Stott
Macclesfield, Cheshire

• In Ireland dinner is usually served around lunchtime (Letters, 29 July). I recall asking my uncle on a visit to see him: “How’s the dinner, Benny”? He replied: “Ah, it’ll do till I get home and have a feed”.
Peter Stewart

• Obviously the next Time Lord will be one of Matt Hancock’s friends (Jodie Whittaker to leave Doctor Who along with showrunner, says BBC, 29 July).
Kevin Fitzgerald
Sea Palling, Norfolk

• By admonishing a family member for “talking with their mouth open”, does Adrian Chiles show that he’d make a good teacher of ventriloquism (I am a messy eater – and it is mortifying, 29 July?
Brian Saperia

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