Channel 8 actress Jin Yinji was hospitalised after taking laxatives to lose weight

Channel 8 actress Jin Yinji said she took laxatives to purge greasy chicken rice from her body after filming. (Photos: Jin Yinji/Instagram, Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — Veteran Channel 8 actress Jin Yinji had to be hospitalised for two days recently when she fainted after taking laxatives to lose weight.

The 73-year-old told Chinese-language newspaper Lianhe Wanbao that the incident at home took place on 8 July. She had been filming for a drama series in the morning and played a character who loved to eat chicken rice.

After acting in multiple scenes where she had to consume chicken rice, she took laxatives at home to “purge” the greasy food from her body. However, she suffered from severe stomach pain and cold sweats after that. She fainted in the toilet after unsuccessfully trying to pass her stools.

Jin was able to call her maid for help when she woke up from her fainting spell. She then released bloody stools in the toilet. This was when she was sent to hospital. She recovered after two days of observation by doctors.

Jin said she used to take laxatives when she was young as a method of losing weight but after the incident, she would stop using them for the purpose.

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