How changing the position of EV batteries could help boost vehicle range

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According to Page-Roberts, vertically mounted batteries in car cabins could boost EV range by up to 30%.

British startup Page-Roberts has unveiled a concept electric vehicle (EV) promising a 30% increase in range, notably by repositioning the battery vertically in the center of the vehicle cabin.

Typically, batteries in electric vehicles are placed under the floor in the center of the car. Page-Roberts studied what would happen if they were instead positioned vertically, between two rows of seats mounted back to back, facing away from each other. This arrangement turns out to be much more compact than usual, does not change the wheelbase of the car in any way, and allows for a lower ride height. As a result, this makes for a car that is lighter, more streamlined and offering up to 30% more range. Moreover, manufacturing costs could be up to 36% lower.

According to Page-Roberts' teams, the current positioning of EV batteries is detrimental to cars, which are too big, too heavy and have aerodynamic inefficiencies. All of these elements contribute to excessive energy consumption. The solution of placing the battery vertically, directly (but discreetly) in the passenger cabin would therefore save space and weight (from 35kg to 75kg), and ultimately increase the vehicle's range significantly. To date, however, no car manufacturer has made this choice.

Launched in 2019, Page-Roberts is a startup working on various solutions to increase the efficiency of electric vehicles.

David Bénard

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