Changi Chalet Chaos: Mother vows justice as teen brutally attacked in viral brawl

In a shocking incident at the Civil Service Club chalet in Changi, a 15-year-old girl found herself at the center of a brutal brawl that has ignited outrage across social media platforms. The victim’s mother, determined to seek justice for her daughter, has declared that she “will not let the matter rest.”

Over the weekend, videos surfaced depicting a disturbing scene involving three teenage girls, two of whom were seen in white tank tops hurling vulgarities at the victim, dressed in a black top and jeans. The altercation unfolded in front of a crowd that was not only witnessing the violence but also encouraging it.

The mother, who spoke to Shin Min Daily News about the harrowing incident that occurred last Friday, revealed that her daughter had attempted to contact her that night in a cry for help. Upon arriving at the scene, police officers were already present, and an ambulance was called for the injured teen. However, she refused hospitalization, opting to deal with the shock first. Later, she was taken to the A&E at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for treatment.

According to reports, the teenager was found bleeding from her eyes and nose, resulting from the physical assault. The severity of the injuries led to her hospitalization over the weekend, and she was discharged on Monday.

The viral video clips captured the two girls in white confronting the victim while surrounded by a crowd goading them to trade blows. The disturbing footage showed the victim being physically assaulted, with onlookers shouting encouragement.

The brawl reportedly stemmed from a dispute among the trio, all of whom were attending a party at the resort. Despite regulations limiting the chalet’s capacity to 50 people, the event allegedly hosted over 100 underage attendees. Entrance fees and underage drinking were reported, contributing to the chaotic atmosphere.

One witness, who attempted to intervene but was deterred by the escalating chaos, said, “I tried telling her to flee, but I think she was in shock, so she didn’t dare move. Amid the kerfuffle, I also got punched by another onlooker.” Fearing further escalation, the witness called the police and fled the scene.

In response to queries from AsiaOne, the police confirmed being alerted to the fight along Leuchars Road around 10:15 pm last Friday. Investigations are ongoing, with four teenagers aged between 14 and 15 assisting authorities in their inquiries.