CES 2021: The totally wireless TV that cuts out cables

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Reasonance presented its wireless power transfer system based on magnetic resonance.

At this year's CES, Russian startup Reasonance presented new technology that promises to make a TV totally wireless. It makes use of a wireless power transfer system based on magnetic resonance. All Reasonance has to do now is to convince manufacturers to take up its solution.

Reasonance's patented transfer system offers unprecedented performance in terms of power, transfer distance and efficiency. And, according to the Russian startup, walls or furniture panels shouldn't impact transfer efficiency.

In its video demonstration (the CES was 100% digital this year due to the covid-19 pandemic), Reasonance uses a 40-inch TV powered with 120 W. Here, the transmitting system is placed horizontally with an angle of 90 degrees and at a distance of just 50 cm, although it can, in fact, be integrated into walls and furniture, all with no cables required.

Reasonance also highlights its relative cost-effectiveness, theoretically making this technology easy to implement and roll out to a wide range of users. It just remains to be seen whether any manufacturers will be ready to try out the experience. Note that Samsung has already studied the idea of a wireless TV, although the manufacturer is yet to follow through with the idea …

Watch Reasonance demo its technology in this video: youtu.be/BcI1rhl02sc

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