Centuries-Old Photography Industry Witnessing Stellar Growth Through Digital Marketing in 2021 With Maggie Messer

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The concept of photography started in the early 1800s in Japan. Over time, the art and science of photography has been embraced globally; today photography is undoubtedly one of the most flourishing businesses worldwide.

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Photographers have been traditionally dependent on networking as well as referral promotion by happy clients. Although these conventional methods still hold ground yet times have changed. The contemporary world is increasingly leaning on digital infrastructure and the modern world demands modern methods of marketing. So, while the physical posters and flyers are great, it’s about time for photographers to embrace and adopt digital marketing solutions too to reach out to a larger niche.

Maggie Messer, a Certified Professional Photographer and digital marketing expert, believes that it’s absolutely important for photographers to invest in modern digital marketing solutions. Messer has been running a successful photography business for over 2 decades but she experienced an outstanding growth lately, especially after she incorporated digital marketing in her photography business. In fact, timely adoption of digital marketing solutions has rewarded her with a stellar business even in 2020, despite the pandemic.

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The modern world is fast getting all-digital and a bigger niche of the potential audience is online now. People are increasingly counting on the virtual world to look for local professionals and businesses, including photography services. They prefer to check out the website, work portfolio, and also the social media presence of a prospective photographer before signing up with him or her. If a professional photographer is not careful of his/her presence before the online users, s/he is going to lose out on a bigger chunk of clients these days. So, it’s high time that professional photographers come up with a strong presence online. And, digital marketing will provide them that leverage to stand out in the crowd today.

“I started to incorporate digital marketing in my business in 2018; with everything I’ve implemented, 2020 has been my best year yet (despite the pandemic), and another record 1st quarter in 2021!”, stated Maggie.

Over time, Maggie has developed a pro expertise in digital marketing; her forte lies in SEO, search engine-friendly content creation, Social Media Marketing, Backend Marketing and other major digital strategies. Inspired by the dramatic growth of her photography business, especially through modern digital solutions, Maggie decided to launch Sunshine Digital Agency- her own digital agency to help fellow photographers.

Sunshine Digital Agency is a full-service digital marketing firm exclusively for photographers and creative professionals. The company offers full-service social media advertising that includes an automated system to help convert leads into sales. Sunshine Digital Agency also supports clients with hiring of virtual assistants and help with content creation.

The USP of Sunshine Digital Agency is that the founder holds massive experience in both photography and digital marketing. She has threaded into both worlds and knows what kind of digital solutions exactly work and what doesn’t for a photography business.

With more than 20 years of experience in photography and nearly 5 years in digital marketing, Maggie is looking forward to bridge the gap between photography and digital marketing. She wants to enable fellow photographers to experience the same outstanding growth in their business the way she has achieved through digital marketing.

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