'Censor bar' bikini with $850 price tag causes a stir

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(Photo: Instagram/camilaguper)
(Photo: Instagram/camilaguper)

A see-through bikini top that 'censors' the wearer's nipples is causing a stir online. Photo: Instagram/camilaguper.

A see-through bikini top that ‘censors’ the wearer’s nipples with an in-built black bar is rraising more than a few eyebrows online.

“Seriously it’s an April fool, isn’t it?” asked one stunned Instagram user - despite the design being released in June.

“Ahahahaha this is the ultimate joke!!!!!!! Even at $1,” wrote another.

One commenter saw the funny side, making a reference to the infamous folk tale about an Emperor who was duped into wearing an ‘invisible’ outfit.

“Made of the same precious yarn as the emperor’s new clothes.”

The x-rated swimwear is a collaboration between Brazilian designer Adriana Degreas and LA-based clothing brand Cult Gaia – and it’ll set you back a cool $842.

A model wearing the 'Shalese Bikini'. (Photo: Cult Gaia)
A model wearing the 'Shalese Bikini'. (Photo: Cult Gaia)

Described as a “Strapless tulle bikini top with tortoise acrylic details” on the website, the racy design has already been spotted on fitness blogger Camila Guper.

Camila paired the top with black bikini bottoms and a sheer pink skirt while posing poolside in Mykonos, Greece.

Several of the Instagram star’s 1.1 million followers were on board with the itsy bitsy bikini, writing, “I want this bikini” and “Perfection.”

Not the first one

Adriana’s designs are certainly not for the faint of heart, with her previous bikinis featuring a pair of hands - complete with red-tipped nails - covering the wearer’s um, assets.

It really gives new meaning to the term ‘hands on.’

One thing’s for sure, these swimmers were made for snapping and sharing on the ‘Gram.

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