'I've been celibate for 10 years, here's why I don't miss sex'

Tania Schoultz has been celibate for 10 years. (SWNS)
Tania Schoultz has been celibate for 10 years. (SWNS)

A woman who has been celibate for a decade says she doesn’t miss sex and doesn’t plan to end her celibate lifestyle anytime soon.

Tania Schoultz, 52, has been celibate by choice and has even refrained from kissing for the past 10 years.

"I kind of feel like it’s a subconscious decision,” she explains. "For me, my sexual energy is my power and by sleeping with people you’re giving away your power.

"When I wasn't celibate and gave my love, it was because it had meaning. Now I'm totally happy without it."

Schoultz, from Preston, Lancashire, says she feels like an ‘enlightened nun’ after giving up sex in 2014 and says it has afforded her a ‘much easier life’.

"What I find interesting is I don't have a sexual appetite," Schoultz says. "I've been through the menopause – some people say you get a heightened sexuality when that happens but that didn't happen with me at all."

Schoultz now believes that most relationships are too ‘sex focused’ and says that many relationships break down thanks to an ‘overly sexualised society’.

Tania says celibacy has allowed her to form spiritual connections with others. (SWNS)
Tania says celibacy has allowed her to form spiritual connections with others. (SWNS)

"It's all just about physical attraction these days," she adds. "And with men it's worse – often even if they are married, they are still looking.

"I used to work for an investment bank and they used to get really angry with men slinking off with staff and then going home to their wives."

Schoultz says her celibacy has made it much easier for her to develop ‘spiritual connections’ with people that focus on individuals as a whole.

"Now that I'm here, I would prefer to be like this forever,” she adds.

It comes just days after actor Julia Fox revealed that she’s been celibate for over two years.

"Nothing good comes from having sex – including the children," Fox said in a recent interview. "I think it's just like getting over anything – smoking, drugs, whatever it may be – eventually you just forget and then all that energy that you were putting toward sex, you can put it toward other things."

A recent survey of 2,000 people by dating app Dua found that the number of people choosing to be celibate in the UK had risen from 12% to 20% in the past decade.

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