Celebs have mixed reaction to HK government handouts plan

28 Feb – There has been mixed responses among celebrities when it comes to the Hong Kong government's announcement that it is giving away one-time cash handouts to Hong Kong residents.

As reported on Mingpao, Financial Secretary Paul Chan recently revealed during the announcement of the annual budget that a payment of HKD 10,000 will be given to each permanent resident of Hong Kong over 18 in order to aid the population "overwhelmed by a heavy atmosphere".

Following the announcement, several celebrities took to social media to express their thoughts about the handouts.

Stars like Crystal Fung and Jacquelin Chong were more welcoming to the idea, with the latter saying, "Supporting the people by giving money and reducing taxes can help alleviate some of the burdens from citizens. As for people criticising the budget, you should be more forgiving. The world need more tolerance."

As for Tony Hung, the actor proposed instead for the government to invest more resources to promote Hong Kong tourism and rebuild its image to further strengthen the economy.

On the other hand, others including Chapman To, Samuel Chan, and lyricist Roy Tsui were more skeptical of the idea.

Roy, who is also the founder of satirical magazine 100 Most, wrote, "What if I return your HKD 10,000 and you go back two months in time and seal the border? What if I return your HKD 10,000 and you go back eight months in time and respond to the demands [of the Hong Kong people]?"

(Photo Source: Jacquelin Chong Instagram)