Celebs in Singapore wish their moms Happy Mother's Day

Singapore actor Chen Hanwei and his mother. (PHOTO: Chen Hanwei/Instagram)

Mother’s Day was yesterday (12 May), and just like everyone else, Singapore’s celebrities were busy celebrating and thanking their mommies. Here’s what a few of them got up to:

Singer-actor Benjamin Kheng paid tributes to the two mothers in his life: his biological mother as well as his stepmother.

Actress Zoe Tay shared a picture of her elderly mother as they had a meal on Mother’s Day. “Beloved Mommy, thank you for your selfless sacrifices,” said Tay. “You raised the six of us as if we were your own biological children with lots of love.”

Actor Chen Hanwei brought his mother on a holiday to treat her:

Actress Fann Wong shared an adorable video made by her son Zed Lee to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day:

And actress Rebecca Lim showed us how she spends quality time with her mother:

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