Celebs Go Dating’s Anna Williamson dismisses Vanessa Feltz’s bad edit comments

anna williamson
Celebs Go Dating expert on Vanessa's 'bad' editJeff Spicer - Getty Images

Celebs Go Dating expert Anna Williamson has responded to Vanessa Feltz's claims that she's received a bad edit from show producers.

Vanessa, who is currently appearing on the 13th season of the show, has publicly said that she feels hard done by in terms of the show's editing, alleging she's been made to appear "sulky" and "pissed off" to viewers.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Anna responded to Vanessa's comments, outlining how she believes the show production and edit work.

anna williamson
Jeff Spicer - Getty Images

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"It’s a reality show, it’s an entertainment show," she told us. "I’m not in charge of the edit and I’m at the mercy of the edit as well. But at the same time, you can’t edit something that’s not there."

Anna explained that the show has "some level of creative license" with producers often showing the highlights or "most interesting parts" of a contestant's dates in the "two and a half minutes that gets shown on the telly".

"Of course, we’re really sorry that Vanessa feels the edit has been unfavourable at times, and I’ve said to her too, sometimes it falls on all of us," she added.

"Sometimes I get caught breaking wind or saying something that I don’t remember saying. But the fact is I did it and I said it, and for the purpose of telling the show’s narrative, it goes in."

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Anna described Vanessa as a woman who knows her own mind and that's what has been communicated on the series.

"I think we’ve seen that on the dates and if she doesn’t like somebody, I think she makes it very clear and that’s definitely what we saw when we saw the raw footage as well."

Anna told Digital Spy that she wouldn't be involved with Celebs Go Dating if it jeopardised her career as a professional life coach and dating expert.

"It's not in our interests professionally to be part of a circus that isn’t reflective of what actually happens because that would just be immoral, and quite frankly, I would get lambasted by my professional body.

"So Paul [Carrick Brunson], myself and Dr Tara [Suwinyattichaiporn], we generally align ourselves with the show because it is shot and made in good faith."

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In the most recent Celebs Go Dating episodes, viewers saw Vanessa enjoy a brief date with reggae singer Lenny.

She also told Anna that she'd like to see Lenny again. Could her luck with love be on the up?

Celebs Go Dating airs on E4.

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