How Celebrity Doctor to the Elite Dr Shawana Vali Bio-Hacks Your Body To Perform Like a Pro!

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Cosmetic Dermatologist to the starts Dr Shawana Vali is renowned for curating the faces of the elite. From Bollywood stars to CEO’s to global royalty, snatching the faces of Victoria’s Secret models and carving GQ’s jawlines is her day to day expertise. But this dual board-certified consultant who trained at both Kings College London and UCLA has more to offer than enhancing high societies most coveted faces.

‘I specialise in functional medicine and biohacking - which means using your cells to fix you’ explains the designer draped doctor. ‘Day to day we run at about 60% of optimal capacity, whether this be performance, concentration, metabolism, libido or mood. Elite athletes perform at 150% by biohacking their body on a cellular level. At my flagship clinic LMS Wellness in London, we use super-hero techniques to optimise your desired outputs without the need for performance enhancing or exogenous drugs’.

But what is the key ‘output’ Dr Vali treats for her elite clientele?

‘Many of my clients live busy lives, be that a high powered CEO running a global business, a world-famous actress jetting from India to LA crossing time-zones on a weekly basis. Or they might be running a busy household managing children and nannies!’ proclaims Dr Vali. ’The one common feature I note in most of my clients is signs of Adrenal Fatigue. They might complain of feeling ‘Wired and Tired’ meaning they are running on empty.

The Adrenal glands are a small organ sitting just above the kidney responsible for the production and secretion of over 50 different hormones vital to our functionality - from testosterone, oestrogen, DHEA, to cortisol and noradrenaline. Our ’stress hormones’ are produced by the adrenals and are responsible for the ‘fight or flight response’. Over long term periods of mental, physical or emotional stress our adrenals begin to fatigue - meaning that they don’t know the difference between a family death, missing an important work deadline or something as trivial as breaking a nail.’

Adrenal insufficiency occurs which disrupts the body's homeostasis, or ‘balance’ and the body’s widespread production of hormones. You may experience symptoms such as insomnia or sleep disturbances, weight gain, salt and sugar cravings, hair loss, loss of libido, anxiety, poor concentration and focus, mood swings and fatigue or exhaustion.'

Dr Vali suggests these key ways to biohack your adrenals so that you can perform like a legend

1: Supplementation - The exclusive range of 'By Dr Vali' prescription strength supplements uses adaptogenic herbs to assist the body in ‘adapting’ to stressors, balancing hormones and restoring an ovractive adrenal system. Key ingredients to seek in your own supplementation programmes are Ashwaganda, which can help stabilise Thyroid, reduce axiety and reduce internal inflamation. The supplements and tinctures available also utilise naturopathic products such as Liquorice root which blocks the production of cortisol into cortisone - the stress hormone triggering the ‘fight or flight’ associated with anxiety and panic attachs.

2: Cut down on caffeine - High flying CEO’s and multi-talented superstars suffering from adrenal fatigue are often driven by their morning coffee fix. Whilst caffeine can support a healthy metabolism, too much coffee and sugar increases short-term energy causing blood glucose to rise - causing a crash later in the day and creating a cycle of addiction.

3: Biohack your body - In my practice I undertake extensive bio-analysis, creating your own bell-curve of normality. This enables us to establish the best programme for you to function optimally in the areas you desire - be this libido, athletic performance, concentration or metabolism. Establishing the ’normal’ for each client individually is key and allows me to establish how and where your hormones may affect your physical or psychological health. Resetting hormonal pathways using prescription grade supplementation, exogenous medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and Intravenous Nutrition Therapy is personalised for each of my clients to suit their needs and lifestyle.

So if you are feeling ‘Wired and Tired’ try Dr Shawana Vali’s expert advice to boost your brainpower and perform like a pro. The By Dr Vali prescription strength regime is available exclusively to her clients and will be hitting the shelves soon for the world to experience.

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