Celebrity Couple Andie Chen And Kate Pang Considering To Have 2 More Children

Shreya Jagdish

Singapore celebrity couple Andie Chen and Kate Pang said they are considering to have two more children. 

This means their two kids Aden aged 5 years old and Avery aged 3 years old might just have two new brothers or sisters!

But this decision did not come easy according to the two, as actor Andie Chen said earlier this year he did not want to have a third child because of the lack of sleep.

“Well, I’m not a big fan of the baby poop; but I think the sleep is the one that gets me the most, just not getting enough rest. I think it’s getting better now but before my kids turned two, I think that period is just [shakes head and mimics explosion],” he said in an interview with Singapore Women’s Weekly. 

More babies in the ‘Kandie’ family

Source: Andie Chen/Instagram

Now, however, the tables have turned as Andie shares in an interview with AsiaOne, that he has gotten “good at taking care of the kids” and is even starting to enjoy fatherhood “quite a bit”.

Even with their busy schedule which recently saw Kate going for an overseas shoot, Andie easily managed the home front and taking care of both his kids. 

He mentioned that initially, it was hard trying to “set the system” but now that there is routine, the father feels rather proud of himself.  

One of his biggest accomplishments was to teach his son Aden how to tell the time, which now lets both of them run on auto-pilot. 

Seeing all these achievements, Kate said she was not worried when she was away to study for an early childhood course earlier this year, because she knew Andie could control the kids well, if not better.  

Now that the whole family is back together in Singapore, the duo is more open to the idea of adding two more additions to the ‘Kandie’ family. 

Kate even shared that her idea of a complete family includes four children so that would mean adding two more kids – one more boy to play with Aden and a girl to give Avery company. 

Hectic schedule and financial stability 

Source: Andie Chen/Instagram

While the ‘kandie’ family is well settled in their lives, having another baby may still not be entirely possible. 

This is mostly due to financial stability and the lack of time. 

Currently, both the kids have a packed schedule that includes dance classes, drum classes and swimming lessons on top of their normal school routine.

Kate explained that she already does not have time to send them to these classes and so with two more kids she is unsure how she would allocate her time. 

Andie agreed with his wife and said he does not want to spread himself so thin that he cannot give his two kids the attention they need.

He also added that besides parenthood he still has a lot of things he would like to do. 

Right now, both the actors are focusing on being good parents to Aden and Avery.

Kate is putting her new knowledge of early childhood to practise while Andie is exposing the kids to a multitude of activities and experience to figure out where their strengths lie. 

So whether it’s baby or no baby for this couple, one thing is for sure, they ‘kandie’ family is here to stay. 

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