Celebrity Aesthetician Dr Motox Has Gone From Council Estate to Running Multimillion Pound Business Owner

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Treating stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Too Hot to Handle, and Love Island, Dr. Motox is the most sought after celebrity doctor in the UK. But it was no easy path to success. The Iraqi-born clinician moved to the UK at age eight. He grew up in a dangerous council estate public housing project in London, with one of the highest rates of crime, drug abuse and antisocial behavior in the city. Dr. Motox said his surrounding environment was not made for him to succeed. He struggled to fit in as an immigrant to the UK, where the system is not made for someone like him, he said. “I worked hard to stay out of trouble, growing up with a vision to succeed,” Dr. Motox said.

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He received a scholarship to a private college in West London and went on to achieve an honours degree in dental surgery from University in Wales. He worked in a maxillofacial unit of a hospital treating patients with head and neck conditions, and from there developed the aesthetic practice that would be the foundation of his London based clinic.

Dr. Motox is now the lead doctor of a multi million pound business attracting A list celebrities. Amassing over 18,000 followers on Instagram, including a post liked by Kylie Jenner’s skincare brand Kylie Skin, the doctor has a large following of his highly successful business. The doctor has an eye for aesthetics, and is able to assess clients at an elite level. On Instagram, he posts photos of his clients as well as celebrities, such as one post of Vanessa Hudgens, in which he shared her beauty and identified the potential work she had done.

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“Her glow up has definitely been on the more natural side,” Dr. Motox said. “But we do suspect she may have had some dermal filler help. Tear trough filler, marionette line filler, brow lift and anti-wrinkle injections”

His method focuses on enhancing a client’s features, providing natural but noticeable results. The doctor specializes in treatments of Botox and fillers for lips, cheeks, chins, etc., as well as Profhilo skin treatments, liquid face lifts, fox eye thread lifts and liquid nose reshaping. After a life of overcoming hardship, Dr. Motox has built up the expertise to execute top of the line treatments, as well as the knowledge to see what would look good on a particular client.

“I have now built my own business and have a whole team of staff I manage,” Dr. Motox said. “It really is a dream come true.”

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