Celebrities join "Eye4HK" campaign

23 Aug – A new campaign supporting Hong Kong protesters called #Eye4HK has been gaining traction, with many celebrities sharing photos of them shielding their right eye with their hand on social media.

As reported on Mingpao, stars like Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Chapman To, Tommy Yuen, Chui Tien You, and Wong He recently took to Instagram and Facebook to show their support for the movement.

Actor Chui Tien You shared said photo on 22 August, and wrote, "Go on! Come on, Hong Kong people."

Gregory, who also posted his photo on the same day, wrote, "Hong Kong people has the freedom not to live under terror". He also added the hashtags "Eye4HK", "No Police Brutality", "Free From Fear", and "Democracy for HK".

As for Anthony, the singer-turned-activist posted, "[Eye For Hong Kong Campaign]. Don't let this ruthless state machine blind us. Don't be blinded by the brutal reality."

He also tagged many international artists on the social network, including Madonna.

Aside from Hong Kong celebrities, South Korean actor Kim Eui-Seong, known for his role in "Train to Busan", has also joined the campaign, writing on Instagram, "I heard the news! 1.7 million people marched! Strong and peaceful! I am so proud of You Hongkongers!"

The new campaign was inspired by a recent incident involving a woman who may have lost an eye during a protest outside the Tsim Sha Tsui police station on 11 August, when a projectile, believed to be a bean bag round, got lodged inside her safety goggles and ruptured her right eyeball.

The Hong Kong Police has maintained that they were uncertain of the cause of the injury and will continue to investigate the case.

(Photo Source: Anthony Wong Yiu Ming Instagram)