Celebrities and friends express sadness over Adibah Noor's passing

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20 Jun – The shocking news of Adibah Noor's passing has not only devastated the songbird's legion of fans, but also her celebrity friends.

Stars including Harith Iskander, Sharifah Amani, Suki Low, Afdlin Shauki, and even the Prime Minister Dato' Sri Ismail Sabri himself took to social media to express their sadness over the loss, just moments after it was revealed that the "Terlalu Istimewa" singer had passed away on the evening of 18 June from ovarian cancer.

Harith Iskander, known to be very good friends with Adibah and starred alongside her in Yasmin Ahmad's award-winning movie, "Sepet", expressed, "I'm in shock. True shock. Every time I spoke about @adibahnoormohdomar I always always declared she was one of the BEST and TRUEST vocalists EVER. She did @drjezaminelim and myself the honour of performing at our wedding in 2010 and it was a moment that we will cherish forever."

"Through the years we became friends and I discovered that she had the hugest heart and love for cats and those who were less fortunate. In her career she was a perfectionist sometimes and wouldn't stand for fools - but she was always professional and delivered when called upon. I dont know what to say ... [I am sorry, Kak Dib]. I should have known you were not well."

Adibah sang at Harith's wedding
Adibah sang at Harith's wedding

Suki Low, who competed in the reality singing competition, "Gegar Vaganza" along with Adibah last year, posted a black and white photo of the singer and wrote, "Kak Dib, you will forever be my inspiration. Thank you for being you. Rest in peace."

Meanwhile, another "Sepet" co-star, Sharifah Amani, shared a screenshot from the said movie on her Instagram, rewriting the words from the scene, "Take care of yourself and don't be naughty. I love you forever. Al Fatihah."

Sharifah Amani's farewell to Adibah
Sharifah Amani's farewell to Adibah

Meanwhile, singer Atilia Haron, a good friend of Adibah, shared a photo from their previous performance, writing, "My support. Al Fatihah. I love you."

Prior to that, she went on Adibah's Instagram account and responded to a comment Adibah made to her praising the singer's new look, writing, "I love you, kakak. So much. I love you so much, kak."

A devastated Afdlin Shauki expressed, "My sister is gone. Innalillah wainna illaihi rojiuun. Rest, sister, an artist who is very passionate about her work as an artist and never shy away from sharing her talent to entertain Malaysians. Truly you are the Special One! May your soul be placed with the souls of believers."

Meanwhile, Hans, who was seen among many celebrities and friends at the Al Ansar Mosque where the jenazah prayer was held, shared that Adibah had never spoken about her illness.

"She only talked about the good in people in the industry. She would fight for their rights. She never said anything about herself," he added.

Others who were spotted at Masjid Al-Ansar was Suki Low, M. Nasir, Remy Ishak, Anuar and Ziana Zain, as well as radio personality Linda Onn.

According to his own manager and several of her friends, Adibah had been battling stage four of ovarian cancer for some time, which explained her altered physical condition. In a prior interview, the last one with the media, Adibah tried to hide her actual condition by attributing the physical change to a diet.

On the other hand, Dato' Fazley Yaakob had everybody in tears as he shared the video message sent by Adibah Noor to his wife Azrene Ahmad back when he was still competing in "Gegar Vaganza".

"#alfatihah for you@adibahnoormohdomar, a sister who always gives me encouragement no matter where we work, be it tv programs, dramas, commercials or the #Gegarvaganza stage. My last day on the GV stage, her WhatsApp message started with the words "I'm already missing you"," he wrote.

Atilia with Adibah
Atilia with Adibah

(Photo Source: Harith Iskander Instagram, Sharifah Amani Instagram, Atilia Haron Instagram)