Celebrities affected by protest at HK airport

14 Aug – The protest that has been going on at the Hong Kong International Airport has not only affected those who are coming in, but also people who are planning to travel overseas.

As reported on Mingpao, among those affected by the protest is actress Toby Chan, who originally planned to fly to Africa. The actress recently shared a photo of the airport check-in, saying that her flight has been cancelled.

Some netizens left comments, saying that they are sorry that the protest might have affected her work.

Meanwhile, Hiromi Wada, who was scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong from Shanghai in the late afternoon of 12 August, stated that she had to fly back to Shanghai since the airport was closed.

As for Taiwanese singer Jeff Chang, who was escorted by several security officers upon arrival in Hong Kong in the afternoon, stated that he was not worried at all about the ongoing protest. The singer stated that he was in the city to visit friends.

Asked if he thought that Hong Kong is currently a dangerous place, he responded, "I feel it, because there are more media today."

Thousands of protesters took to the airport on 12 August in an attempt to raise awareness and educate foreign visitors about the nature of the protest. Consequently, more than 200 flights were cancelled.

(Photo source: Mingpao)