Celebrate Your Child’s Special Milestones At Cute And Cosy Event Space – KARA Moments

Shreya Jagdish

For most parents, celebrating their child’s special milestones is one of their life’s most treasured memories. From their little one’s first word to their first birthday, these moments – when looked back – never fail to bring an immense amount of joy. 

Therefore, it is no doubt that parents want nothing but the best when it comes to celebrating these precious moments.

But of course, more of than not, parents have to plough through many event spaces, catering options and decor boutiques before they get to host their ideal celebration.

This is not only time consuming but also extremely exhausting. 

This is how KARA Moments, an events space that offers beyond just a venue, came about. Find out how the founder of this business came to a decision to open a space for celebrations—and more.

Your one-stop event venue 

Located at Bukit Timah, KARA Moments is an exclusive private event space on the second floor of KARA Cafe and Dessert Bar which also provides catering and decor services. 

Created by Li Ping Lee – the founder of homegrown yoghurt brand Sogurt – KARA Moments’ warm, bright and cosy two-floor loft design will make you and your guests feel right at home.

The pastel pink colours and muted tones ensure that the space is highly customisable and versatile.

As Liping says, “it’s a partial blank canvas.”

This is especially helpful because Li Ping observed that people often feel intimidated when decorating a large space.

“People struggle when they have to create something from scratch. So when you’re given a blank room with all white walls what do you do? 

With this in mind, Li Ping ensured that KARA Moments has enough colour to make it easier to decorate but not too much to overwhelm parents. 

A space to envision your dreams

Apart from the wonderful colour scheme, parents can look forward to many other features in the space such as the cosy mezzanine floor, the delicious catering and fro-yo bar! 

Mezzanine floor 

KARA Moments has a small cosy corner in its second floor. This can be used for a play area or even for nursing mums who need some privacy.

This space has a few beanbags for kids and parents to lounge about and a table for perhaps some drawing activity. Li Ping calls it the “chill zone”.


At theAsianparent’s recent TAPCares event, we used the mezzanine floor space to provide manicures for mummies. Sure enough, all our mums  – and some dads – loved the little “mums only” corner. 


What’s a party without good food? At KARA Moments, parents have the option of either catering from outside (there will be a surcharge for this) or indulging in KARA’s very own restaurant food which can get you a discount of up to 20%.  

For catering in house, parents can choose from a variety of cuisines such as Asian, Peranakan, and Western.

Their basic catering menu includes a range of canapes such as mushroom ragu with crispy cracker and tomato bruschetta, while the buffet station includes dishes like mushroom Aglio Olio, roasted lemon pepper chicken and an oven-baked dory with tomato coulis and capers. 

For parents who want to try something different do check out the Peranakan menu which includes roasted chicken with sambal kichap manis glaze and roast beef rendang. 

All the catering packages come with a free-flow of the refreshing roselle iced tea or sparkling citrus drink. 

Sogurt soft-serve bar

A favourite among kids and families, wrap up your celebration with some tasty and healthy Sogurt fro-yo. This can also be included in your catering package at $8 per pax. Guests will be given a coupon which they can use to customise their Sogurt fro-yo at the KARA café downstairs.

You can choose from three different flavours of yoghurt and the various toppings which include fresh strawberries and oreos for your very own fro-yo.

Add ons 

KARA Moments also offers add-ons like balloon decorations and cake orders. Feel free to reach out to Li Ping and her team to explore these options. But if you want to bring these on your own, you are more than welcome to do so.

In addition to the above, KARA Moments also includes services such as WIFI, air-conditioning, lighting, “Bose” sound equipment, wireless microphone, projector and screen.

The venue comes fully furnished with tables and seating for up to 45 – 60 people.

Create lifelong memories

For Li Ping, KARA Moments holds a very special place in her heart because she sees it as space where families bond and create lifelong memories.

“These are very key milestones baby birthdays, wedding solemnisations and get-togethers.  And to have that space experience where they can feel like  – it’s etched into their memories and say this was a special time – is the most rewarding aspect.”

Earlier this year she also celebrated her mum’s 60th Peranakan themed birthday at KARA Moments.

“It was super special we had relatives from overseas come over and it was very very special for my mum as she also personally designed the whole space.”

Readers from theAsianparent who choose to book a space at KARA Moments will get a free festive box of Sogurt Spoonful – with seven different flavours of Sogurt’s newest range of probiotic ice cream.


 $800 (5 hours) for weekends,  $600 (5 hours) for weekdays,

Menus range from $25 onwards.

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