Cecilia Cheung, Actress, Tries To Fly Back To HK Every Night To Wish Sons Goodnight

Jia Ling

I’m sure many of you, our readers have been caught at least once, in a situation where you had to be apart from your child, whether for work or personal reasons. If the sheer thought of that leaves you feeling worried and anxious, then you probably cannot imagine how difficult it must be for Mum and Hong Kong actress, Cecilia Cheung.

Cecilia Cheung: “Being a mother is a lifelong career”

The 39 year old travels frequently to Beijing for work, which according to her is 2,475 kilometres away from Hong Kong where her three sons supposedly resides. 

Despite the “flight time of 3 hours and 15 minutes”, the mum makes a great deal of effort to see the boys: Lucas (11), Quintus (9) and Marcus (1).

While being an actress is her profession, being a mother is her lifelong career, Cheung said.

She says that she tries her best to fly from Beijing to Hong kong every night just to personally tell her sons goodnight. This was revealed through a recent vlog on her Weibo channel, posted on December 30, 2019, as she reflected on the year of 2019.

“This is the sense of security I’ve always worked hard to give my sons.”

In fact, with her sons Lucus and Quintus already deep in slumber in many instances before dawn, Cheung remembers having boarded the plane departing for Hong Kong. 

cecilia cheung

Cecilia Cheung and her sons. | Photo: Weibo

On learning how to slow down


According to Cheung, she had experienced both sides to life: she once reached the pinnacle of her career but also fell to rock bottom.

These experiences have allowed her to “finally learn how to slow down and appreciate the simpler things in life”.

The 2019 Cecilia Cheung says that she’s very blessed—and the 2020 her is “ready”.

How about you?

Source: Weibo, Instagram

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