Caucasian Shepherd: Meet The Expensive Dog That Everyone Is Talking About

What will you get for SGD3 million today?  A luxurious mansion? A few fancy sports cars? How about a never-ending vacation? While all of those are tempting options for sure, there is something a little more adorable that you might be able to get for the same price. We are talking about a Caucasian Shepherd, a fluffy giant of a dog breed that has created quite a storm on the internet. 

Caucasian Shepherd: Meet the internet’s new favourite dog breed


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The internet has fallen in love with a new dog and his name is Cadaboms Hayder. This Caucasian Shepherd belongs to a Bengaluru man called S Sathish, a dog breeder who owns many expensive pets. Recently, a Hyderabad man made a jaw-dropping to buy Cadaboms Hayder, his Caucasian Shephard. The amount? A whopping SGD3.2 million, as reported by India TodayUnfortunately for the Hyderabad man, Sathish had no interest in selling his fluffy monster, so he decided to politely decline.


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The Caucasian Shepherd is named after the Cadaboms Foundation, of which Sathish is a founder. The Cadaboms Foundation focuses on breeding dogs scientifically and systematically. It also claims to offer valuable information on top dog breeders in Indian cities like Pune, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi and Mumbai, besides Bengaluru.  

Was is Cadaboms Hayder so expensive?


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As per Hindustan Times, Sathish has revealed that there is a misconception about Hayder being bought for a whopping price. Sathish has revealed that he bred the dog on his own and even bought Hayder’s grandparents from Russia. According to Sathish, Hayder is an extremely friendly pet. The 1.5-year-old Caucasian Shepherd lives in an air-conditioned 2BHK house with a caretaker and is the proud father of six adorable puppies.

In the same interview, Sathish also revealed that he would not sell Hayder to anyone and called him one of his most precious pets. In fact, Sathish is looking forward to introducing him to the rest of the world through dog shows.  

Caucasian Shepherd: The dog’s gentle nature and lifestyle 


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As the Caucasian Shepherd is a guardian breed, you have to be cautious around it. While they are usually devoted, loving and mind their own business, they can be quite fierce and fearless in case they sense any threats around them. As such, it’s critical to train them properly if you are planning on owning one as a pet. It’s also important to keep in mind that India’s hot and humid weather might not offer the most feasible environment for such a furry dog. 

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