Catriona Ross has no interest to debate Suhaimi Saad

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4 Jun – Catriona Ross recently stated that she is not at all affected by the words of former nasyid singer Suhaimi Saad, who previously slammed her for her comments about the Eid SOP violations.

The actress and TV personality, who was asked about Suhaimi's comments about her, stated that she didn't even know who he was upon being told about the singer calling her stupid for reprimanding people for crossing the borders during Eid.

"I didn't know who he was at first. But after finding out that he is also the same guy who thought that the earth is flat, who is anti-vaccine, and have started several other issues, all I did was laugh," she said.

Catriona isn't interested in a debate
Catriona isn't interested in a debate

Catriona, known to her fans as Kak Kek, stated that her mother once taught her a quote from the great Imam Syafie who stated, "I have never debated with a knowledgeable person, except that I won the debate, and I have never debated with an ignorant person, except that I lost."

"I've held on to those words since I was a child," she said, adding that she has no interest to even address the former In-Team member.

In his previous online post, Suhaimi slammed Catriona for her previous video expressing her frustration with the rising number of COVID cases due to irresponsible parties who returned to their hometown for Eid.

He wrote, "You have to understand that other people's problem and needs aren't the same. You can't have one size fits all. That's way more stupid. It's been a year that people have been obedient and patient. Are you asking the people to praise and honour the government? Keep your stupidity in check and don't keep showing it off, or people will hate you."

Suhaimi Saad called Catriona 'stupid' for her previous rant
Suhaimi Saad called Catriona 'stupid' for her previous rant

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