Catriona Gray pens letter to 15-year-old self

Heidi Hsia

3 Jan – Catriona Gray recently took to social media to pen a letter to her younger self, where she expressed her thoughts about life for the past decade.

On 1 January 2020, the beauty queen shared a photo of herself from ten years ago back when she was 15 and wrote, "Firstly, don't be scared, daddy is gonna beat the cancer. I know it seems scary now but he will still be by your side 10 years later, still singing along to Elvis tunes in the car and stealing all the chocolate from the fridge."

"I know you're beginning to feel the pressure of expecting to know what to do with your life. You won't find it for a few years but it's okay. But please be kind and patient with yourself. Like you've always done you'll place the weight of the world on your shoulders. Trust in the process."

Hinting about her winning Miss Universe in 2018, she added, "Eventually, you'll discover work that you love that makes you feel fulfilled. And it's nothing that you'd expected, but its greater than you've ever, ever dreamed. Never, ever lose your faith."

Gray will be embarking on various new projects this year, from releasing her first book about her pageant journey, to fulfilling her dream of releasing an album by signing with Cornerstone Entertainment.

(Photo source: Catriona Gray Instagram)