Catriona Gray expresses frustration over racism issue

Heidi Hsia

1 Jun – Catriona Gray recently expressed her sadness and frustration over what has been transpiring in the United States, following the tragic death of three African-Americans Breonna Taylor, Ahmed Aubrey, and George Floyd in three separate events that have now sparked mass protests around the said country.

On 31 May, the Miss Universe 2018 shared a quote from Cleo Wade's book "Where To Begin", and wrote, "I've been watching the news and developments from home, and have been wrestling with feelings of outrage and incredulousness. I've not really known what to say on my platforms but I feel so strongly compelled not to stay silent."

"Violence is never the answer, but speaking up against what you feel is wrong can play a part in the solution. Racism affects everyone and the task of eradicating it isn't up to people of colour, but up to all of us," she added.

Gray stressed that racism isn't conditional to one country, but a global issue that has many different manifestations.

"Let's lean in, engage and stay on the line. Sign and share the petitions, confront direct or indirect racism in conversations, in the workplace and in our homes. Let's educate ourselves and fight for justice however we can. They're tough conversations to have, and you may feel uncomfortable but the consequence of going on like everything is okay, is more lives being lost."

Her statement was fully supported by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, who commented, "So well said, Cat."?

(Photo Source: Catriona Gray Instagram)