'Catherine the Great' starring Helen Mirren coming to HBO in October

Fans of Helen Mirren only have less than a month to wait to see the icon lend her features to the Empress of Russia, better known as Catherine the Great. HBO will be offering the "Catherine the Great" mini-series to its subscribers starting on October 21, with the chain releasing the project's first trailer this weekend.

Premium cable channel HBO took to YouTube to unveil an imperious first trailer for upcoming historical series "Catherine the Great," with Helen Mirren embodying famous Russian monarch Catherine II, who governed over Russia for over three decades in the 18th century, radically transforming the country.

The American premium channel also used the occasion to announce the official start date of upcoming series "Catherine the Great," Monday, October 21.

The four-part mini-series will retrace the halcyon days of the Empress's reign, as well as her relationship with Russian military leader Grigori Potemkine (Jason Clarke), which lasted until Catherine's death following an attack at age 67. The loss of the Empress had profound consequences on Russian politics, which endure to this day.

The Oscar-winning British actress, who is no stranger to momentous roles, is coming back to television following HBO's 2005 "Elizabeth I," in which she also held the titular role -- garnering her a Golden Globe as well as the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series.

The new series will be directed by Philip Martin, who directed the equally-regal Netflix opus "The Crown."

Watch the trailer on YouTube: Youtu.be/bNSacMPj1tE