Catch DJ Hyo Of Girl’s Generation At Singapore’s Marquee This November

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K-pop celebrity DJ Hyo, also known as Kim Hyo-yeon, will make her Marquee Singapore debut on Friday, November 18 2022.

For the uninitiated, the South Korean singer, dancer, DJ and television personality is more fondly referred to as the main dancer and rapper of K-pop group, Girls’ Generation (SNSD), one of the most successful South Korean music groups of all time. Their most recent title track, “Forever 1”, comes after a five-year hiatus from the group, and commemorates their 15th anniversary with their fans.

During the group’s hiatus, Kim made her debut as DJ Hyo with the hit song ‘Sober’, featuring Dutch DJ and producer Ummet Ozcan. Other hit songs in her repertoire include ‘Dessert’, which featured rapper Loopy and (G)IDLE’s Soyeon, as well as ‘Deep’, which was released earlier this year. She currently holds the 11th position in the 2022 Top 100 DJanes of Asia, a ranking of top female DJs across the region.

Tickets for DJ Hyo’s MARQUEE set

Tickets are unfortunately already sold out, but limited tickets will be available at the door on the event day. More details here.

(Image credits: SM Entertainment)

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