Cat Saves Baby’s Life in the Most Dramatic Way! Watch Viral Video of Infant Being Saved From Falling off a Flight of Stairs

Shaloo Tiwari

Cats are usually considered to be really cold animals that don't gel with humans a lot, even though, being around humans is what they like. However, a cat video that is going viral proves otherwise. This video doing rounds on social media, shows how a cat saved a child's life who was about to fall off the stairs. In the video, you can clearly see a cat saving a crawling baby's life by coming in the way of the baby who is about to fall down a flight of stairs. This scene took place in the living room when the parents of the baby weren't around. You can see in the video that the cat takes action immediately and jumps off the sofa. It can then be seen running towards the baby. He then harmlessly pounces at the baby and tried to come in the way. The child can be seen being restricted from crawling towards the flight of stairs.  The can then uses its tiny little paws to stop the baby from crawling further.

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Watch Video:

This is not the first time, pets have saved people's life. Just a few months before, a Jack Russell Terrier, Zippy went viral for barking as the fire alarm went off shortly when a fire broke out in the attic of Butler family house, located in Bradenton. Also, another video of a dog protecting a little girl from falling into a river and drowning a few months ago, left the internet emotional. Whoever doesn't believe that dogs are better than people, definitely hasn't seen the video. Indeed, dogs are the best thing that could happen to earth. But now it is proven that cats are human's best friend too!

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