This clever napping bridge will serve as the perfect Christmas gift for your cat

Sabrina Carder
This cat bridge is the ultimate Christmas present. [Photo: CatastrophiCreations/ Etsy]
This cat bridge is the ultimate Christmas present. [Photo: CatastrophiCreations/ Etsy]

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You probably already have an idea of what you’re going to buy your mum, dad, siblings and partner for Christmas, but what about your cat?

If a bag of Dreamies just won’t cut it this year, we think we’ve found the gift both you, and your feline friend, will love: a cat bridge.

Upgrade your cat’s napping spot by suspending them in the air on the handcrafted (and rather chic) creation by CatastrophicCreations on Etsy.

Each bridge is built to order, meaning that it’s suitable for cats of all sizes.

The complex is made out of solid wood slats, which come in numerous colours (from onyx to chestnut) to suit your home decor.

It’s also held together with rope and cushioned with a thick heavyweight canvas for ultimate comfort.

With over 2,318 reviews, the product boasts an impressive five-star rating.

“My cat is going to love this for Christmas!” writes one customer.

Meanwhile, others say that they’re “OVER THE MOON” with the bridge, calling it “unique, breathtaking and brings excitement to my cat”.

At £137.73 plus postage from the US, it’s not the cheapest present in the world. However, UK Etsy have a similar alternative, which you can purchase for a more affordable £49.95.

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Buy it: Cat Mod Bridge by Catastrophic Creations from Etsy US | £137.73

Buy it: Cat Bridge by Weselldream from Etsy UK | £49.95

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