Cash Warren Explains Why He and Jessica Alba Broke Up Early in Their Relationship

Cash Warren Explains Why He and Jessica Alba Broke Up Early in Their Relationship

Cash Warren and Jessica Alba have been married since 2008, which I think we can all a long time by normal standards, let alone Hollywood ones. But their relationship—like literally any other!—hasn't been without some ups and downs.

Cash recently revealed that he and Jessica actually broke up several years into their relationship for reasons that are relatable to most of us who aren't spending this summer on a yacht in Europe: jealousy.

"When we first started dating I was really jealous of other guys and the attention she was getting from other guys. It just wasn’t making me feel good," Cash explained on the Whine Down with Jana Kramer podcast, via People. "I was always a pretty confident person in my own [life], walking my own path and really happy there, and next thing you know I’m looking up and feeling jealous all the time."

They ended up splitting after four years of being together, with Cash explaining, "It was the jealousy. I was turning into an asshole, and so we broke up."

Cash ended up promising to find "a more productive way" to deal with his jealousy issues, going on to say that he's Jessica's "biggest cheerleader," doesn't have any "resentment towards her for working hard," and has always encouraged her to never sacrifice pursuing her passions.

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"I’ve tried to be a good teammate in that regard," he said. "I’m not interested in the spotlight. I’m not a star, I’m not a celeb, I’m not an actor, I’ve never tried to be an actor. I high-five her, let her do her thing, and I’ve gotten more comfortable with it over the years.”

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