Cash giveaway publicity stunt on Orchard Road cancelled after Raffles Place mob forms

Crowd at cash giveaway publicity event in Orchard Road on 27 February 2018. (PHOTO: 3DollarBaller/Instagram)

A publicity stunt involving a “vending machine” that gives $50 in return for $3 was called off after police arrived at the scene of a huge crowd that turned up at a giveaway event at Raffles Place at noon on Wednesday (28 February).

The organiser behind the “3dollarballer” stunt posted on their Instagram page on 28 February that their cash giveaway session slated for Orchard Road later in the day “will no longer push through as all the $50 notes are fully redeemed”.

The event involved individuals paying $3 into a “vending machine” box to get $50 cash in return. The first session of the campaign was held on Orchard Road yesterday from 5pm to 6pm with a large crowd. 

However, today at Raffles Place, hundreds of people gathered in hopes of getting free money from the vending machine.

At 11.30am, reportedly over 300 people lined up in front of the cash vending machine that was stationed just outside Chevron House. Fifteen minutes later, efforts were made by the organiser to move the box to the pavement by Battery Road. This caused a mad rush as crowds surged forward to follow the money booth. 

At noon, the box was moved to the grass patch in front of Chevron House where the crowd grew even more.

This resulted in the organiser calling a halt to proceedings after police arrived on the scene.

The organisers behind the event have not revealed themselves so far. The campaign’s website states that they will reveal who is behind the publicity stunt on Thursday (1 March).

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